Friday, June 7, 2013

Wilton Class 1!

Seeing as this is my first blog I should probably let you know who I am. My name is Niki Lee. Hence the name Niki Lee Bakes for my blog. Currently I am saving my money to attend Bonnie Gordon College in Toronto next year. Until then I will spend my time learning new things and telling you guys(and gals!) about it from my homestead in Washington State while probably drinking to much coffee.

Today was my first day of taking the first Wilton class. When I signed up for class and was giving the supply list I was pleasntly surpised to find out I had 99% of the items. So, I figured I wouldn't have to buy the $30 kit that goes along with class. Lets just say I was completly wrong! Of course there was one item that I did not have and that Wilton does not sell as a stand a lone product. That item being the practice piping sheet.

So I guess I paid $30 dollars for practice sheets!!! And some extra piping tips which never hurts.
As for the class it was tons of fun! There was suppose to be ten other people in the class but some people didn't show up so it was only me and three other women. This class was mostly just showing us how to make frosting, tort a cake, fill a piping bag, and simple desgins with the star tip. I already knew how to all of this so it was a little disapointing to not learn anything knew besides for a few tricks and tips such as how to bake an even cake with a flower nail!  We did get the chance to do some decorating but it wasn't on cake. Instead it was on the 6 cookies we had to bring. I made my Vanilla-Almond Sugar Cookies and they tasted wonderful. Normally I don't think much of them and I just use a large circle cutter to make them. However, people at the class were really impressed with my cookies and were surpised I had actually made them.

The designs I did were simple and I thought they were extremly easy to do.
Although already knowing how to his the #18 tip was probably a help.
At the end of the class we got a 50% percent off any item coupon which I used on the The Wilton Ultimate Decorating Kit. It was already on sale because it was missing peices but I was able to get it for $25 dollars rather then the $50 (orignal price was around $200) it was on sale for! Finally, I have somewhere to store some, no where close to all, my decorating stuff. 

Overall, the class was fun and it was nice to meet some new people. Do I wish I could have learned some more new things? Yes, of course I do. However, it was only the first class and next we actually get to work on cake! It will be exciting to see what I learn then. 

Let me know if you guys have taken any Wilton classes and what you thought! Or if you have taken any cake decorating classes in general.